About Peter Carroll Photography

Peter Carroll is an Australian Fine Art Landscape Photographer based in Alice Springs, Central Australia
On Landscapes:
We all see the world through our own sense of reality. My Landscape images are the result of my experiences in country,  seeking out the deep silence in vast spaces, often in very remote regions rarely visited. That silence can still be found in highly touristed areas such as Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park....but you need time to allow it to find you.
It is important to spend time at a place and revisit over years, walk it's hills and valleys and sleep under the stars. Wander Aimlessly with but with purpose and allow the secrets to be revealed.

Most places I explore from the intimate patterns, and colours as well as the details and interactions within it, to the wider angle for a sense of space and place.
As often as possible I like to  see the landscape from above, be it by climbing the nearest mountain or by plane or chopper. Aerial photography allows me to get to know a place more intimately but also develops a sense of a living, breathing Planet, revealing repeating patterns through scale from the leaf of a tree to the drainage patterns of a mountain range. It is also a connection to the patterns and language of Indigenous Art of The Central Deserts.

I am lucky to live in an incredible place of deserts and ancient culture. Rugged country, at times harsh and unforgiving, but this facade crumbles every now and again to reveal the true delicacy of life in the Desert .

The universe speaks but we must first learn the language

Contact me for an Assignment or Stock. I'll work in any location, the more remote the happier I am and I will do everything I can to make the job a success and within budget.